Are you ready to revolutionize how you work?

Are you ready to stop chasing and start attracting the right work?

Are you ready for your work to be aligned with who you are and what you value most?

If so, it all starts with You and a Reframe.

Book a Reframe Coaching Session to get started on attracting work based on your values, strengths and personal mission.

What is a Reframe Session?

To understand what it is you first have to understand what frames are and how pervasive and powerful they are in our lives.  Simply put frames are the words, labels and perspectives through which we understand ourselves, our world and our power within it. Use one frame and you have a box that limits you and your power. Switch to another and suddenly you have a window through which you can peer out into new worlds and imagine new possibilities.  A reframe is the powerful yet not always simple act of replacing one frame with another.  In the reframe sessions you learn to replace your current frames which have boxed you in for a new one that will serve as a springboard to a more meaningful future.  Operating out of the right frame–one that has you connected to your core values, strengths and personal mission–makes you a magnet for all the right opportunities that align with who you are and how you want to work.


Perfect if you want to jump start your journey to attract the work you want. Choose ONE key area (values, strengths, OR personal mission) for a focused Reframe power session! Also good as a repeat tune up session when you feel stuck or want to shift gears.

Includes: 30-minute design session, a 1.5 hour coaching session, 1-month follow-up 30-minute coaching session


You’ve got goals but do they line up with your values? Why does every position that started out right eventually feel like the wrong fit? Learn how to make sure your current position and any opportunity coming your way harnesses your strengths and serves your mission.  Create a personalized system for consistently attracting the opportunities you want and repelling the ones you don’t.

Includes: 30-minute design session,  3  1-hour coaching sessions, 1-month follow-up session 30-minute session


You’re ready for lasting change through a committed and immersive coaching package. You’re taking the long and deep view to establish a new career, integrated work-life approach or make a major life pivot.  You’re curious and open to an iterative process that will yield personalized approaches that go beyond attracting opportunities that already exist to creating new ones for yourself.     

Includes: 30-minute design session, 4  1-hour coaching sessions, 30-minute 1-month follow-up session. Unlimited email and continuous e-discussion support.  Also includes a Personalized Coaching Report with additional research to support your journey.


New to it all? Consider  “The Coffee Break” Session. A one time 1.5 hour high impact introductory coaching session.


To see which package is right for you and get more pricing details, email to schedule a Complimentary Assessment Session.


*Coaching sessions can be virtual or in-person depending on client location